killing silverfishKilling silverfish is a subject that most people are interested in.  Have you walked in your bathroom in the middle of the night to find a silverfish wobbling in the tub or sink?   Have you ever went in your kitchen in the middle of the night just find silverfish wobbling away to hide.  If so then this is an article that you must read on killing silverfish.

The funny thing is you might not even know that you have silverfish in your home until you find one in your tub or sink.  If you find one, you better believe that there are a lot more where that one came from.  Most of the time you will never see silverfish because they are what you call nocturnal insects.  They sleep during the day and run through your home at night.  That is why you may have never seen one before until they fall in the tub.  It is impossible for them to crawl out of the smooth surface.

Why most people are interested in Killing Silverfish?

Most bugs find their way into your home because they are looking for food and shelter.  Some bugs bite, some carry diseases but silverfish will destroy your property and that is why so many people are interesting in leaning about killing silverfish.  They have a hefty appetite and their diet consist of lots of food items.  Some of the things that they will consume in your home are books, magazines, glue, sugar, cereal, hair, flour, wallpaper glue, linen, photographs and so much more.

Changing the conditions in your home before you think about Killing Silverfish

People think that there is no easy way to killing silverfish but it is.  The first steps starts with prevention.  Of course bugs come into your home but silverfish like certain environmental conditions such as high humidity, dampness and food.  Before you think about killing silverfish, you must change the conditions in your home so that will want to leave.  Make sure that you get up all spills like sugar and flour that most people may forget because it may be a sprinkle here a and there.  Put cereal in containers and throw away any old stacks of newspaper and magazines.  Stopping their food source alone will not make them want to leave.  They can go one year without eating a thing.  Get a humidifier to control the humidity levels in your home and make sure that you don’t have any leaking pipes or faucets.  They are attracted to the moisture.  Once you have change these conditions, then we can look at how to go about killing silverfish.

Killing Silverfish

Now we can talk about killing silverfish.  Since you have changed the conditions in your home, they will be willing to find other places to seek shelter.  Here are some ways that will help in killing silverfish.  Boric acid is good for killing silverfish.  Sprinkle it around boarders where you have spotted silverfish.  Another easy way to killing silverfish is to use Diatomaceous earth.  This product is many from plants.  When the silverfish consume it, it kills them. Put down cloves and citrus peels.  Silverfish do not like the smell.

In conclusion, the key to killing silverfish is to change the conditions of your home and then use the three methods listed in this article to kill them.

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