what is a silverfishHave you ever walked in your bathroom and have found a silver bug in your tub and thought what is a silverfish and how did it get into my house.  That is the question that many people want a straight up answer to.  In this article, I will be revealing what is a silverfish, why do they come into your home and what you need to do for control.

What is a Silverfish?

Silver fish are insects that live outside under logs, rocks and trees.  They are part of the family of Lepismatidae and in the Order of Thysanura. Lepismatidae insects are wingless insects.  They have flattened bodies and they are elongated.  They get their name from their color and the way that they move.  Their color is grey and blue and their movement looks like a fish under water.   They have a long lifespan and typically live two to eight years.

What is a silverfish and why are they in your home?

There is a good chance that you have them in your home but you have not seen them.  You probably will only encounter them when they are in a tub or sink because the smooth surface makes it impossible for them to climb out of.  They are nocturnal insects.  Nocturnal insects are what you call night dwellers.  They sleep during the day and they crawl through your home at night while you are asleep.  If you are a night hawk, you just might catch them crawling around.

They come into your home because they are looking for food and shelter and if the conditions in your home is ideal to them; they will stay.  For any bug control, it is recommended that you seal any cracks that you have in your home.  You must also make sure that you cut off any food supply in your home.   These conditions will cause them to leave your home to find another place for food and shelter.

Silverfish is a nuisance to home owners because they can and will destroy your property.  Their diet consists of sugar, starches and carbs.  Their scientific name is Lepisma saccharina because they will eat starchy foods that are high in carbs and protein.  The will eat your books, flour, cereals, wallpaper, glue, your clothing, books  and so much more.

What is a silverfish and how do you control them?

One of the most important things in controlling them is finding out what type of conditions that they like so that you can take those conditions away.  They like humid and damp places.  One thing that you can do is to purchase a dehumidifier to control the humidity in your home.

Most of time people will find that they are living inside of old books, magazines and newspapers.  It is recommended that you remove these items.

They also like damp places that why they are often found in the bathroom and around pipes.  You will also find them in basements, attics because they like dark places.

They are a pest.  They are living in your home in cracks and crevices and it’s time for you to take control of your home back. The next time you see them hiding in your bathroom you will have to ask the question, what is a silverfish?

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